Tribute NXT 2
Seats: 6
Dimensions: 2180mm x 2180mm x 920mm
Power Supply: 32Amp
Water Volume: 1,480
Oasis Tribute2
Oasis Collection Spas

Tribute NXT 2

At A Glance

Seats: 6

Dimensions: 2180mm x 2180mm x 920mm

Water Capacity: 1480 Litres

Power Supply: 32Amp

Jets: 4666 hydrotherapy jets

Heated Air Jets: 14 heated air jets

Insulation: R10 Heat Lock

Bluetooth: Optional

UK Pool & Spa Awards 2021: Gold Standard. Energy Efficient Eco Award.

The Oasis Tribute NXT 2, 6-person hot tub with Thermal Lock and R18 Insulation makes this hot tub amongst the most energy-efficient hot tub on the market.

Oasis Spas is the world’s premier hot tub brand with Superior Technology – Designed to the highest standards in Energy Efficiency with SmartSpa+™ R18 full foam insulation and thickest shell on the market.

  • 6-layer shell with Premium American Acrylic

  • SmartSpa+™ R18 Full Insulated Spa Technology

  • Multiple Award-Winning Energy Efficient Spas

  • 7 Year Limited Warranty

The Tribute NXT 2 6 Person Hot Tub from Oasis Spas is a large, spacious and luxurious single recliner hot tub spa that is designed for both hydrotherapy massage and relaxing with family and friends.

As standard is the awesome Canadian manufactured Gecko 2 bluetooth audio amplifier system. coupled with two 50w shell mounted transducers and a seperatly mounted subwoofer, the 2 system transforms the hot tub into a huge speaker for great in-spa sounds. Its easy to connect your smartphone or devise by bluetooth to the 2 system in your spa, whilst leaving your phone or devise well away from the wet area. Control your music, volume and sound track selection from the Gecko bar top keypad.

With superior technology, easier maintenance, better build quality, lower running costs and a better hot tub experience, Oasis Spas are the best value for money hot tubs available to buy exclusively at Ultimate Hot Tubs in Warwickshire.

Oasis Spas are world leaders in Hot Tub & Spa Technology – Oasis Hot Tubs are built by one of the world’s largest international hot tub and spa manufacturers whom distribute products in over 40 countries around the world. Our manufacturer is well respected globally for their quality and expertise. The support of such a major international manufacturer along with Oasis’s drive, experience and ongoing research, enables Oasis to remain world leaders in hot tub and spa technology. You can be assured that when you purchase an Oasis Hot Tub you are also receiving peace of mind.

Premium Hot Tubs with Superior Technology – Oasis Spas hot tubs are all designed to the highest regulatory standards, come with top-quality hot tub features and hydrotherapy benefits, and have the thickest most durable shells of any other hot tub on the market.

Superior components for performance and longer life – All Oasis Spas products feature advanced controllers to make things easy. Oasis Spas only use premium American acrylic surfaces which gives the hot tub a great look and use only quality pumps, fittings, and components throughout. The heavy duty lockable thermal covers are super strong, and our UV cabinets are designed for harsh weather conditions.

New 2023 Spec Now Includes: 

  • Gecko IN.K1001 Touchscreen Control Panel
  • Gecko IN.STREAM2 Bluetooth
  • Subwoofer / Bass Speaker
  • 2 x Transducer Speakers built into the spa shell
  • 46 hydrotherapy jets
  • 16 Light Tissue Heated Air Massage Jets


  • Seating Capacity: 6 persons
  • Seating: 5 x hydrotherapy seats and 1 x hydro-massage loungers
  • Dimensions: 2180mm x 2180mm x 920mm
  • Power: 32amp
  • Control system: Gecko IN.K1001 Touch Screen Control Panel
  • Heater: 3kw heater
  • Acrylic Colour: Silver White Marble
  • Shell Material: Aristech™ Acrylic Shell (made in USA)
  • Cabinet Colour: Coastal Grey

Water Pumps

  • Pumps: 2 x 3HP/0.26KW Water pump  Speed
  • Circulation: 1 x 0.35hp
  • Ozone System: 1 x 50mg


  • Air control valve: 2
  • Filters: 2
  • Insulation: Fully Foamed Insulation
  • Base: Sealed ABS
  • Cover: Thermal Insulated safety covers with key locks


  • Number of Jets: 48 hydrotherapy jets


  • Large underwater LED Light: Yes
  • LED perimeter and corner lights: Yes
  • LED exterior lighting: Yes
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