Riptide Atlantis 6 Pro
Dimensions: 6000mm x 2350mm x 1540mm
Power Supply: 45amp
Water Volume:
riptide atlantis pro premium 6 top
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Riptide Atlantis 6 Pro

At A Glance

Dimensions: 6000mm x 2350mm x 1540mm

Water Capacity: 12230 Litres

Power Supply: 45amp

Jets: 4 x 3" Turbo Jets

Insulation: Full Foam Insulation

Variable Speed Drive: Optional

Created for dedicated swimmers. 

The Riptide Atlantis 6 is a large and powerful dedicated exercise pool with a superior width of 2.35m and depth of 1.45m.

This is a pool designed for serious exercise, with all of the benefits you’d expect from a high-end swimming machine. With a superior depth of up to 1.45m the Atlantis pool provides powerful turbo counter current jets for the ultimate swimming workout. Deeper depth means more comfortable enjoyment, all-round enhanced swimming experience.

If you are looking for a large exercise pool for endless swimming the Atlantis 6 is the perfect model for you, If space in your garden is a premium the Atlantis 4.4 might be more suitable, if you are looking for an even larger version we have the Atlantis 7 with exactly the same features and an even larger swimming areas.

Adaptive Flow Control Inverter Swim Systemriptide patented 3" turbo jet

Inverter swim system offering 10 speed variants for differing swimming styles and abilities. Providing a powerful and fully adjustable yet no-turbulence swim current that will challenge even the strongest swimmer, great for exercise and fun for the whole family.

Featuring our 4 exclusive turbo jets, variable speed counter-current system and inverter, powered by four high performance swim pumps, pushing out approximately 2400 gallons a minute of low-turbulence swim resistance this is an exercise pool totally focused on fitness and training regimes.

The Riptide Atlantis 6 is the range topping version of the large dedicated exercise pool models, and is a swimming machine designed for serious fitness, training and fun, with all of the benefits you would expect from a top-end pool.

Ready For Use, Night And Day, All Year Round.

Riptide pools are economical to run that’s to the high density closed cell foam insulation surrounding the shell enclosed in the cabinet, Riptide pools require very little cleaning as they incorporate a state of the art heating, filtration and sanitizing system. Keeping the water warm, clean, and crystal clear anytime of the day.

Exercise pools offer Great value with maximum enjoyment. The Atlantis 4.6 really is an outstanding award winning machine, but don’t just take our word for it. This model is available to try out in our Atherstone Showroom – contact us today to book a complimentary trial swim.

Please contact us for latest specification and stock availability

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