Coast Spas Purfikt
Seats: 8
Dimensions: 2920mm x 2340mm x 1120mm (1245mm at back)
Power Supply: 32amp
Water Volume: 1,100
coast spas purfikt
Coast Spas

Coast Spas Purfikt

At A Glance

Seats: 8

Dimensions: 2920mm x 2340mm x 1120mm (1245mm at back)

Water Capacity: 1994 Litres

Power Supply: 32amp

Jets: 39 Hydrotherapy Jets

Heated Air Jets: n/a

Insulation: Foam Core Insulation

Bluetooth: Optional

Coast Spas Purfikt Infinity Edge 

The Infinity Edge Purfikt by Coast Spas is one of the most unique models in today’s market, nothing else comes close to this level of luxury.

The Infinity Collection breaks multiple barriers, starting with the one blocking your view. The spa’s rejuvenating water glides over our exclusive infinity (or vanishing) edge, taking your cares and worries with them while we leave nothing to prevent your seeing your world with a fresh perspective.

The infinity edge design incorporates a “zero water displacement” feature with an ample reserve tank and integrated measuring gauge so your water surface always remains at the same level.

The Best View. Period.
Soak in the beauty beyond as the Infinity Collection’s “vanishing edge” opens a world of sunsets, lush landscapes or whatever other wonders that can be viewed across your own magical horizon.
coast spas purfikt infinity edge 8 person hot tub
Designed with sleek ergonomic lines and modern aesthetic to enhance your outdoor space.
Exclusive Features Include:
  • Dual 24″ Waterfalls
  • XL Touchscreen Control
  • Coast Status
  • Control My Spa WiFi
  • 7″ Frosted Light Dome
  • Hydro Cyclonic Filtration
  • Fusion Hydrotherapy Jets
  • Power Stream Volcano Jet

We are proud to offer the world’s leading and exclusive Hydro-cyclonic filtration system, a revolutionary technology that is an integrated system that sets the standard for hot tub filtration. Our innovative filtration system works by creating a powerful whirlpool effect that circulates and traps debris, dirt, and other contaminants, leaving your hot tub water crystal clear and sparkling clean.

This not only provides an exceptional hot tub experience for you and your guests, but it also helps to save on maintenance and upkeep costs by reducing the need for frequent cleaning and chemical treatments. In addition, our cyclonic filtration system is designed to be low-maintenance, with easy-to-remove filters that can be quickly and easily cleaned or replaced as needed.

Additional Standard Features & Upgrades

Each series can be upgraded for custom orders. Upgrade options vary based on the series in order to be compatible with the onboard computer system. To view available options, choose your model and series above or contact us today.

See the Coast Spas Purfikt In Action:

please contact us for full specification or download brochure here

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