Coast 1701 VE VS Sport / Pro Swim Spa
Seats: 4
Dimensions: 5250mm x 2250mm x 1350mm
Power Supply: 45amp
Water Volume:
Coast Swim Spas

Coast 1701 VE VS Sport / Pro Swim Spa

At A Glance

Seats: 4

Dimensions: 5250mm x 2250mm x 1350mm

Water Capacity: 7550 Litres

Power Supply: 45amp

Jets: 49 Jets, 3 River Jets, Atlas Pro Swim Spa Grill, 6 Levitator Jet

Insulation: Foam Core Insulation

Bluetooth: Optional

Variable Speed Drive: Optional

Coast Swim Collection

Dive into a world of fitness and wellness with our Swim Spas Performance Collection. Experience extended swim areas, versatile workout options, and soothing hydrotherapy massage seats. Enhance your routine with powerful swim resistance jets in our Sport Series or the dynamic variability of the Sport Pro Series. Coast Swim Spa Performance Collection – where health & wellness meets maximum performance.

Just Keep Swimming 

You’ll experience the realistic feel and benefits of open-water swimming with perfect conditions every
time with the Swim Collection delivering consistent ocean-like buoyancy and just-right resistance.
Put more style, fun and fitness options in your swim routine with one of the collection’s Wellness Spa
models. Added features such as detachable row bars and exercise bands will help round out your workout
with added strength, toning and mobility moves. Additional therapeutic massages jets will help tired or
tense muscles so you feel reinvigorated after exercise or allow you to relax comfortably at any time.
Finally, choose a model with our unique infinity edge so you can swim toward a scenic view and gain a new
relaxing perspective on happiness.

Standard Features 

  • Digital Control Panel with Colour Display
  • Variable Speed Controls (pro version)
  • Extreme XL Water Diverters
  • Air Controls
  • Dual 24” Fusion Waterfall
  • 7” SS Light Dome
  • Multi Colour Light
  • 03 One Ozone
  • Crystal Clear Purification Chamber
  • Foam Core Insulation
  • Exercise Bands and Row Bars
  • Swim Tether
  • Swim Tether Anchor Plate


Freeze Protection
Formed Equipment Enclosure
Quick Access Gate Valves
Titanium Heater
Recessed Thread-In Jet-Pockets™
Super-Sealed™ Barb & Clamp Plumbing

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