Apex Opulence with Coast Care Salt System
Seats: 6
Dimensions: 2340mm x 2340mm x 1015mm
Power Supply: 32amp
Water Volume: 1,100
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Coast Spas

Apex Opulence with Coast Care Salt System

At A Glance

Seats: 6

Dimensions: 2340mm x 2340mm x 1015mm

Water Capacity: 1496 Litres

Power Supply: 32amp

Jets: 65 Hydrotherapy Jets

Heated Air Jets: optional

Insulation: Foam Core Insulation

Bluetooth: Optional

Apex Opulence (Bench) with Coast Care Salt System

We take hot tub design to a higher level in the Curve Collection featuring a raised rear wall with a gentle slope that belies its many strengths. Lay back in one of its gracefully elevated corners, wrapped in warmth, as you enjoy long, luxurious soaks sheltered from the wind and the eyes of the outside world.

To further heighten your experience, we add a flush-mounted 24-inch-wide waterfall, the largest available in any residential hot tub.


Customize your Apex Opulence so it’s perfect for you. Choose colors, add optional features and even accessories and get a quote back from your authorized retailer.

True Pressurized Filtration


Coast Spas is proud to offer the world’s leading and exclusive Hydro-cyclonic filtration system, a revolutionary technology that is an integrated system that sets the standard for hot tub filtration. Our innovative filtration system works by creating a powerful whirlpool effect that circulates and traps debris, dirt, and other contaminants, leaving your hot tub water crystal clear and sparkling clean. This not only provides an exceptional hot tub experience for you and your guests, but it also helps to save on maintenance and upkeep costs by reducing the need for frequent cleaning and chemical treatments. In addition, our cyclonic filtration system is designed to be low-maintenance, with easy-to-remove filters that can be quickly and easily cleaned or replaced as needed.


Choose Your Options

ModelPumpsSeatsDimensionsWater CapacityJetsHeated Air JetsInsulation TypeBluetooth AudioPower Supply
Patio Series1.5 HP41700mm x 2100mm x 920mm93021OPTIONALFOAM CORE INSULATIONoptional13 amp plug and play
Patio Series Low Profile1.5 HP41700mm x 2100mm x 760mm88021OPTIONALFOAM CORE INSULATIONoptional13 amp plug and play
Oasis Series3 HP41700mm x 2100mm x 920mm93025OPTIONALFOAM CORE INSULATIONoptional13 amp plug and play
Classic5HP SF41700mm x 2100mm x 920mm93030OPTIONALFULL FOAM INSULATIONoptional32 amp
Classic Series High Profile5HP SF41700mm x 2100mm x 1015mm99630OPTIONALFULL FOAM INSULATIONoptional32 amp
Elite Series2 x 5HP SF41700mm x 2100mm x 1015mm99655OPTIONALFULL FOAM INSULATIONoptional32 amp
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