How does hydrotherapy work in a Hot Tub?

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Hydrotherapy basically works by utilising warm water to get your blood vessels to dilate, or open up somewhat. This has the added benefit of boosting circulation and helping to reduce blood pressure as well!

Hot Tubs are particularly effective in the treatment of arthritis and some joint injuries, as the water helps to relieve the pressure from the affected areas of the body. These days, our favourite sporting heroes and athletes will often use hydrotherapy as an integral part of their training routine. We can all take advantage of the benefits that come from regular use of a Hot Tub too!

The massaging jets will also further stimulate your body’s blood circulation, gently causing your muscles to loosen up into a more relaxed state.

Today’s hydrotherapy products are often used as an aid to de-stressing, unwinding and generally resting and relaxing both our bodies and minds. Hydrotherapy is utilised in many Hot Tubs too by the combination of both water and air, mixed together through cunningly designed jets, delivering a targeted and invigorating massage to those aching and ailing parts of our bodies!

Hot tub jet designs can now allow a plethora of different swirling, pulsing, streaming or penetrating streams of water and air bubbles, providing deeply relaxing massages in the same way that many therapeutic techniques do. Many models will also provide adjustability in jet direction and can be turned on or off as desired enabling you to focus the massage effect to wherever you want it.

The medical and health conditions that they can potentially help with also includes Arthritis, general Headaches and stress,  Tendonitis, Scoliosis, Bursitis and Fibromyalgia to name but a few!

A Hot Tub then can help you to more effectively control, or at least better regulate, a wide variety of different medical conditions.

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