Riptide Atlas & Atlantis Exercise Pools

Riptide Atlas & Atlantis Exercise Pools

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Welcome to the Riptide Atlas & Atlantis Exercise Pools – our exercise pool collection dedicated for exercise / fitness, where luxury and innovation meet to create the pinnacle swim experience. Our collection is designed to bring fitness, relaxation, rejuvenation, and a touch of elegance to your living space.
We are your leading Riptide suppliers since 2007 our knowledge and experience is second to none.
Why Choose the Riptide Atlas & Atlantis Collection?
1. Ingenious Design for Maximum Comfort
Our 2.35m width exercise pools provide a more spacious swimming area, allowing for a more comfortable and natural swimming experience for all swimming styles and techniques.
Choose your depth best for you. From 1.3m to 1.45m, an extra deep swim spa provides the most realistic swim experience.
2. Riptide’s Revolutionary Swim Jet
Indulge in a truly professional quality swimming experience with the very best swim jets on the market. Patented revolutionary honeycomb design, allows a smooth uniform flow without any vortex turbulence. Correct jet positioning is crucial, low or wide jets waste water flow. Our swim jets target shoulders and chest to create maximum balance and current.
Riptide Atlas & Atlantis Pool Brochure
3. Swim at your own pace.

Choose a ‘Pro’ version to enjoy adjustable speed controls so that everyone can find their own comfortable swimming speed, whether you’re a novice or a professional athlete!

Using our exclusive inverter system on the ‘Pro’ versions saves up to a staggering 70% on electricity costs. Using this technology allows us to deliver a smoother flow of water at a fraction of the cost of a conventional swim spa.

4. Energy Efficiency
Our swim spas are designed with energy efficiency in mind, helping you save on operating costs while reducing your environmental footprint. Advanced 5 stage full foam insulation, efficient heating systems, and smart energy management make the Atlas & Atlantis a sustainable choice for your home.
Key Features of the Atlas & Atlantis Pools Collection:
– Patent Jets: Strategically placed to provide the very best swimming  experience.
– Smart Controls: Intuitive touchscreens and remote access for easy control and monitoring, Bluetooth and WiFi included as standard!
– LED Lighting: Enhance your experience with customizable LED lighting that sets the perfect mood.
– Durable Construction: Built to last with high-quality materials, superior craftsmanship and outstanding warranty.
– Water Care Systems: Easy-to-maintain anti bacterial water care systems keep your hot tub clean and clear with minimal effort.
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Our Riptide Atlas & Atlantis Series Pools Brochure

Download Riptide Atlas & Atlantis Series Pools Brochure

Riptide Atlas & Atlantis Pool Brochure

Riptide Atlas & Atlantis Series Pools

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