Exclusive to Ultimate Hot Tubs, FUNSPAS are Entry Level Spas with Premium Features & Build Quality.

Welcome to FUNSPAS where improving your lifestyle is our only goal. We all have busy lives and seem to have less quality time for ourselves and our families. One way to improve your lifestyle is owning your own spa – imagine relaxing daily and enjoying a soothing massage in the privacy of your own home any time you want!

FUNSPAS have been enjoyed by customers across Australia, Europe and North America for over Three decades. Now its your turn – we are now proud to bring these superb entry level spas to the United Kingdom.

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  • Great Enjoyment Even For Smaller Wallets
  • Invigorating Hydrotherapy Massage System
  • Full Body Massage
  • On-Board WiFi
  • Simple LCD Keypad
  • More Room – More Comfort
  • Efficient Anti-Bacterial Filtration System
  • 2″ Waterline LED lighting
  • UV resistant, maintenance-free cabinet
  • 6 Stage Thermo-Lock Insulation System
  • Uncompromising Build Quality
  • Effortless Watercare
  • Impressive 2 Year Warranty
  • Plus Much More… Contact us today