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Coast Spas hot tubs are all about wellness. Our spas are built to deliver the very highest performing hydrotherapy machine tuned to maximize health and wellness benefits. Coast Spas are made with premium components, powerful massage pumps and intelligent controls. We have over 20 years of experience in hydrotherapy and health-focused design. If you are looking to get the best for your health, be sure to choose a Coast Spa.


Coast Spas was established in 1997, building spas that supported one single retail store in British Columbia, Canada. The founders of Coast Spas, who owned the retail store for several years prior, were unhappy with the level of spa quality and options from their supplier and wanted to provide a superior hot tub. At the time there were very few options available for different spa brands, so they bought a factory and started building their own hot tubs. Since that time, Coast Spas has continued innovating and building better hot tubs that hold up to extreme Canadian temperatures. Coast Spas now has independent retail outlets around the world, numerous patents and a skilled team that know exactly how to build the World’s Best Build Spas®.

Owning a Coast Spas hot tub or swim spa has major health benefits. The impact of hot water hydrotherapy is a proven, effective method of naturally healing the body and mind. For centuries different cultures have embraced the wellness benefits of water and now it is available to you at anytime and right in your own backyard.

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Coast Spas

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Coast Spas! We've been creating innovative and customer- pleasing hot tubs and swim spas for almost 30 years.

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